Welcome to Bangladesh Web Design

In brief in a brief glimpse at what we do, we are a company dedicated to in building websites for our clients, dynamic, modern & extremely user friendly tailor made just for your requirements.
A more detailed manner
Bangladesh Web design is a company that is dedicated to building modern websites which are extremely comfortable for your website visitors, full of features that can only be created using modern state of the art technolgies.
Here are some points that are of extreme importance for any modern website to survive in the online competition:

Graphical Design: Every website has to have a modern look to it, with designs that are aesthetically pleasing to your visitor. We at Bangladesh Web Design make sure that all our websites are of extreme graphical quality.
User Interface: Creating a friendly user interface for your users insures that visitors can find the information that they need quickly and effectively, getting you customer loyalty thus a higher turnover from hits.
Dynamic: Bangladesh Web Design makes websites that are extremely dynamic, using server and client side scripts, and specializing in many database platforms such as Oracle, MySQL, pgSQL etc...
Maintenance: Once a website is created, maintenance is extremely important, you want your website up 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A web site going offline means your visitors not being able to visit you, thus customer loyalty lost. Many sites have seen growth however being offline just for 1 hour meant that visitors that came during that time thought the company was unreliable, thus the company suffered a serious blow to their reputation. We at bangladesh web design can guarantee a 100% uptime for your website.
SEO: SEO Stands for search engine optimization, basically meaning we make your web site in such a manner that when your service/product is searched for in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc... Your website is the site that comes in the first few results of the web page. Research has showed that 80% of goods and services that are sold online are from websites that has top search engine rankings. SEO ensures long time promotion and marketing for your website, thus boosting your sales and revenue.
User engadgment: It is very important for your visitors to be engaged into your website, Bangladesh Web Design has an extensive knowledge about connecting your website to Social Networks, thus spreading your product information to many users via social networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc...

Bangladesh Web Design provides an extremely personalized service for all our clients, if you want to book a meeting with us in order to discuss your website requirements, then please click here.

Looking for a more personalized package?

Here is a list of personalized packages that we offer:




The corporate package provides a very usefull package for medium to large firms to create a website. We are experts at increasing your online visibility. And we can provide consultancy and our expertise for online marketing. If you already have a web site and not satisfied with maintanance then this is the package for you.






For educational facilities, eLearning systems, and other educational services online We create certain websites for free, depending on the websites purposed